1. Script for Paradox of the Ekkyklema - Google Docs →


  2. Performance documentation of Paradox of the Ekkyklema. 

  3. Rehearsal in costume

  4. Door spin

  5. Paradox of the Ekkyklema At ‘setup, a device’ 27th March 2014.

    Taking from the theatrical device of the ekkyklema from ancient greek theatre as the subject of the work. This is a wheeled wooden platform rolled onto the stage to narrate a sub-plot of (usually) tragedy. 
    By appearing on stage with this function the device is in itself a contradiction. While pertaining to the creation of an illuision (the narration of the action “offstage) the ekkyklema also admits the absurdity of its presense have to be moved onto the stage.This thesis and antithesis of  the real and representation of theatre is carried out through a live performance.
    The ekkyklema is the performances single character. Two actors play both sides of the contradiction. There is no resolve

  6. Some staged shots from rehersals for ‘setup, a device’. 

  7. Catalogue and poster design for ‘setup, a device’ 

  8. Cardboard maquette of an ekkyklema. Revolving with performers ontop